2016 Global Sales Meeting

March 22, 2016 marked the final day of the first ever 5 day global sales meeting at Link Engineering Company. Our global sales team consists of a diverse group of individuals from Korea, Japan, India, Germany, China, North America, and Brazil all brought together to discuss the future of LINK and merge the wealth of knowledge that each individual sales member has from their own unique personal experiences.

Together as a global sales team we were able to paint a picture of our biggest strengths in each region, opening up a dialog for improvements to be made in the future. Our meeting included expert presentations centered around introducing new and exciting products and opportunities at LINK. The most exciting is the acquisition of a servo hydraulic test components and test systems division (formerly DTE) which allows us to serve our customers even better and on a broader scale.

LINK is approaching exciting times within the company and continues to pursue ways to provide the best support to our sales team, so our customers continue to experience our excellence and commitment to them.

The completion of the first ever global sales training marks a huge milestone for LINK. Together we are striving for the highest standards and to better serve our customer’s unique needs.

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